Let's Cook Together - a new game by Yellow Dot

Let's Cook Together
Jan 3, 2019
Let's Cook Together - a new game by Yellow Dot

All of us here at Yellow Dot Games are proud to announce our upcoming title – Let’s Cook Together.

Let’s Cook Together is a dynamic, cooperative kitchen experience for two players, who take roles of quirky cartoon chefs. They are put into two separated areas of the kitchen, each equipped with different appliances and stocked with different ingredients. Both players lack some elements required to complete the dishes by themselves, but luckily their partner has those. Players need to communicate, delegate tasks and… throw food to (at) each other to succeed.

Lets Cook Together character sketch
Lets Cook Together food variety

The game challenges the team with preparing a wide variety of dishes – from simple foods like a plain hamburger to complex dishes like vegetarian cheese salad or a blueberry pie. The intricacy of the recipes and the number of steps to finish the dishes grow gradually as the game progresses, but the success always depends on the efficient communication and cooperation between the players.

Lets Cook Together character sketch
Let’s Cook Together in its core is built around communication and the experience of playing the game with another person. The game will be chaotic or organized, depending on who you play the game with and how you negotiate who does what. Whether you communicate in panicked orders or hilarious exclamations will depend entirely on what type of person your kitchen partner is.

When creating Let’s Cook Together, we wanted to provide a fun and engaging experience for anyone – seasoned players and people less familiar with games. We wanted to make a game that will be enjoyable to play with a friend and easily introduced to a mom or a kid. The game does not require lightning-fast reflexes or the dexterity of a brain-surgeon. Success is determined by cooperation and communication.

The game is still in development and we are planning to release it in 2020. It will be available for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, Play Station 4 and Xbox One. More information will be released as we develop the game further.      

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