Let's Cook Together available on Steam Early Access!

Let's Cook Together
Apr 1, 2020
Let's Cook Together available on Steam Early Access!

We are happy to announce that our new couch co-op game for 2 players – Let's Cook Together! – is now available on Steam Early Access. We couldn't be more excited to share this news with you!

In Let's Cook Together!, you are two chefs who have to prepare dishes on time. Simple! But wait, there’s a catch – you are also stuck on two opposite sides of the kitchen, with different ingredients and appliances at hand. How to make a cheeseburger if you have the burger, but your partner has the cheese? THROW and CATCH! Then plan your next move – communicate to decide who should mix that salad, fry those fries or bake that cake. Don’t let the food slip – and try to keep up! When everything is ready, throw and serve! Enjoy the sweet taste of victory together!

Let's Cook Together gameplay screen
Let's Cook Together gameplay screen

Let’s Cook Together is a bonding, cross-generational couch co-op experience for two players. Our goal was to make it as approachable to anyone as possible. It’s thus super easy to pick up – you’ll enjoy playing with your hardcore gamer friend as well as with your spouse, grandparent or child. Cooperation and communication are the main ingredients here – so cook together and win together!

The game becomes gradually more complex as you play. While two cooks can’t spoil the broth, a growing number of ingredients and appliances sure can! From simple meat hamburgers to fancy blueberry pies, new recipes await you two every day. With over 75 dishes to prepare in 3 differently themed restaurants, each week of cooking means less time on your hands – and a bit of something new.

Let's Cook Together dishes
Let's Cook Together gameplay screen

At the end of the day, it’s only as difficult (or as simple) as you make it! Orders coming in too fast? Head over to the upgrade shop and unlock an automatic soda dispenser! Feel like you’re doing better than your partner all the time? Then face them in Battle mode – or push your cooperation skills to the limit in Endless mode!

Let’s Cook Together is how we envision a wholesome co-op experience. The game is now available on Steam Early Access, it will be coming to Nintendo Switch soon. Get your aprons out and ready!

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