Let's Cook Together is out on Steam and Nintendo Switch

Let's Cook Together
Dec 28, 2020
Let's Cook Together is out on Steam and Nintendo Switch

After 7 months spent in Steam Early Access, Let's Cook Together is now where we always wanted it to be – available on Steam as an actual 1.0 version! In mid-December, we also released the game on Nintendo Switch, and with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions right around the corner, here's what's on the menu:

Main dish: 3 unique seasons (stuffed with over 150 episodes)
Assemble a burger, make your pancake do a backflip or heat up the tandoor to brown that naan bread nicely. Burger Ring, Pancake Splash and Ticassa Masalassa not only let you cook and serve different dishes, but also come with unique gameplay mechanics to take your cooperation and communication skills way beyond the simple throw-catch-serve recipe for success. That’s how each of the 150+ levels feels so familiar, yet so different and refreshing each time you try it. When cooperation makes so many dishes, there’s no room for boredom!

Appetizer/dessert: 2 different gamemodes
Yes, food fights are great – especially if you don’t waste any food! Battle mode makes you race for the dishes, so use everything you learned to serve more than your rival. Or just play the game of “Floor is burning oil” in the Endless mode, where orders keep flowing forever – until you make a mistake and drop one of the dishes. Try to keep up!

Multi-language salad
Thanks to the help of our wonderful community, Let’s Cook Together is playable in 8 languages: Polish, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish. Don’t hesitate to taste the game with your mother tongue!

(Each of the) chef’s special
Turns out, you are the food all along! How’s that for immersion? Choose from 6 unusual characters to play as – from Chad the banana to Edd the mushroom, complete the episodes to unlock them all and make them the special secret ingredients behind all of your dishes.

Get Let's Cook Together now:

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In the meantime, stay tasty – there's lots to come in the future we can't wait to share! 

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