Let's Cook Together releases on AirConsole

Let's Cook Together
Sep 13, 2021
Let's Cook Together releases on AirConsole

Smells fresh!

So we've just done something peculiar. We've turned every smartphone into a controller, and every room with a screen in it into a living room. In other words: we brought Let's Cook Together to AirConsole!

Bring your friend, get your phones out and head over here to start playing. Easy as a pie. Looks and works great on any screen, doesn't require you to install any additional apps, and has all the content and features included in the PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 releases.

If you're unsure whether to try it or not – you're missing out! Let's Cook Together has quickly become the #1 most played game on AirConsole. This alone speaks a thousand words and makes us incredibly grateful. Thanks!

Go ahead and continue your co-op cooking adventure on AirConsole. Also, follow us on Twitter – new stuff coming really soon. Excited to share more with all of you!

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