Them Bombs - now available on Steam

Them Bombs
Jul 11, 2019
Them Bombs - now available on Steam

We’re thrilled to announce that Them Bombs has finally come to Steam! Gather your friends, prepare the defusal manual, and prevent Dr. TiNT from blowing things up. Become an Unlikely Hero – one that doesn’t wear a cape, but sure knows how to turn a “boom!” into a “phew!”.

Them Bombs PC setting
Steam version comes with a variety of PC-exclusive features. For all the PC fellows over there, we’re bringing ultrawide monitor support – Them Bombs is best friends with 21:9 and even 32:9 aspect ratios. That’s not to mention standard HD (16:9) setups. And if you’re more of a retro gamer, we’re also bringing you full 4:3 support. No screen is too small or too big for them bombs to be disarmed!

We also let you take full control of the defusing process – no matter which tools you prefer. Them Bombs allows you to navigate through all the bomb’s wires, fuses, and buttons using a mouse,  keyboard, or a gamepad – each of them being as convenient as the other. Just keep a firm grip on them when the adrenaline mode kicks in!

Them Bombs three knobs module
Them Bombs wires module

We continue to invest our time and effort in Them Bombs, and we do so with ever-growing passion. We’re excited to introduce the game to PC players all over the world (literally – Them Bombs supports 9 languages, with more to come) and we can’t wait for you to share your thoughts and impressions. Happy disarming!

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