Them Bombs - latest update for iOS and Android

Them Bombs
Dec 17, 2018
Them Bombs - latest update for iOS and Android

A new version of Them Bombs is now available for iOS and Android devices. It brings some great changes to make the game experience smoother and even more exciting.

The biggest new feature introduced in this update is the brand new Custom Mode. It allows users to create their own configuration of bombs using any of the modules available in the game. Players can now set the time, the number of modules, and they can choose which specific bomb modules to defuse. Depending on one’s preferences, it is also possible to enable or disable the stress effects.

Them Bombs bomb settings
Them Bombs bomb sketch

The Daily Dramas newspaper has recently put out its first issue. Anyone who defuses a bomb will now be featured on the Daily Dramas website, where players can read about their courageous bomb disposals. The Unlikely Heroes can share the article with friends to let them know about their explosive experience.

Them Bombs Daily Dramas newspaper
Them Bombs Discord server

By popular demand, we have opened a Discord server. It provides an excellent channel to chat with other Unlikely Heroes or to contact us directly. It is a great place to look for someone to partner up with and to play Them Bombs over voice chat! We’re going to use Discord to post announcements about our other games and upcoming sales or updates.

The 1.5 update also brings with it a refreshed user interface while defusing a bomb. Based on player feedback, we have cleared up the main view and made it easier to spot and to read.

Them Bombs bomb view
The 1.5 update is out now on iOS and Android. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for upcoming announcements and updates, and join us on our Discord to meet other Unlikely Heroes!


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