Them Bombs - new update brings in-game manual!

Them Bombs
Apr 29, 2019
Them Bombs - new update brings in-game manual!

Them Bombs version 2.0 is finally here! It brings some of the most suggested and requested feature: in-game manual!

From now on, when launching the game, you can choose between two game modes: the "Hero" and the "Expert".

Them Bombs new menu
Them Bombs in-game manual

Choosing the “Expert” game mode, you will be able to use the in-game manual. Just click the module’s picture to go to the module’s description. Introduction, bomb disarming tips and Appendices are available on hand too. No need to flick through the pages!

For better user experience, we have provided the option of adjusting the font size. Players can also switch to dark mode if they prefer this mode of reading.

Them Bombs’ community is a multi-lingual community. So far, our amazing fans have kindly provided several well-translated manuals. You can download the manual in so many as 9 languages!

Them Bombs available languages
Them Bombs languages comic

With this update we want to thank you for all your support and show our appreciation to the fans from all around the world. We introduce fully translated game versions! This means from now on you can not only read the manual in your language, but you can also have the full Hero experience in your own language too! Play the game in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian, Greek or Polish!

Would you like to see Them Bombs in the language that is not yet available? Consider translating the manual into your language to share with our amazing community!


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